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Part-Time Infant Teacher

Reference ID : 9222
Location : Covington, KY
Category : Education/Training
Job Type : Part Time



The Infant Teacher is responsible for the care and supervision of three or four infants assigned to him or her, as well as planning for their optimal development. She/he is responsible for working closely with Assistant Infant Caregivers and other Infant Teachers to ensure continuity of care is maintained throughout her/his infants' day at the center. Because infant care requires that caregivers work as a team, he/she will also be responsible for aiding in the care and supervision of all of the infants in the program.


To establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment

1. Reporting to the other caregivers any relevant information about his/her assigned infants' schedules, sleeping or eating habits or needs, or food amounts or types -- so that continuity of care is maintained

2.Contributing equally in housekeeping tasks in the infant room

To advance physical and intellectual competence

1.Implementing the infant's schedule in accordance with the parents' wishes

2.Providing a variety of materials for small and large muscle development, cognitive development, and language development (Toys and equipment should be rotated approximately every two to four weeks.)

3.Planning developmentally appropriate art and sensory activities

To support social and emotional development and provide positive guidance

1.Forming a trusting relationship with the infant through responsive interactions and nurturing care

2.Planning for and arranging an environment that best meets the individual infant's developmental needs

To establish and maintain positive and productive relationships with families

1. Being the communication liaison between the center and the parents. All pertinent information about the center should be relayed through the Primary Caregiver and/or directly through the Infant Program Coordinator or Director.

2.Completion of the Galileo Assessment every three months. Facilitation of the parents' completion of the Ages & Stages Questionnaire every 4-6 months

3.Holding Parent Conferences. Every three months, parents should be offered a conference in which the family and the caregiver can share observations and goals for the infant. The portfolio is shared at this time, as well.

4.Maintaining the infant's portfolio. This includes observations, photographs, assessments, plans, and notes from conferences.

To ensure a well-run, purposeful program responsive to participant needs

1.Completion of the Infant Daily Record for each infant assigned to him/her. This includes the timely recording of each routine throughout the course of his/her shift, as well as a note about the child's day which includes information about the child's development.

2.Completion of anecdotal records, or recording of observations of her/his assigned infants in a form that is productive for the Primary Caregiver and the completion of her other responsibilities

3.Completion of a monthly plan of opportunities/experiences for her/his assigned infants. The Primary Caregiver uses these individual plans to collaborate with the other Primary Caregivers in planning for the classroom as a whole, to meet the needs of the group of infants.

4.Directly overseeing Assistant Infant Caregivers. The Primary Caregiver's responsibility is to act as a role model and to interject in the case of inappropriate behavior.

To maintain a commitment to professionalism

1. Being a competent member of the infant care team. This entails maintaining open communication with fellow team members, sharing equally in daily routine tasks, being aware of the overall needs of the infant program, and coming to the aid of others as needed.

2.Attending all staff meetings, parent meetings, and other mandatory in-services

3.Attending training to meet state requirements. Upon hire each employee must attend training in First Aid, Communicable Disease, Child Abuse Prevention and Detection, and CPR. Infant and Toddler staff must also complete the Infant and Toddler Guidelines Trainings within the first 12-18 months of employment. All staff must also annual requirements for training hours.

4.Following agency code of ethics

5.Keeping open communication with the Infant Program Coordinator, Lead Infant Caregiver, other Primary Caregivers, and Assistant Infant Caregiver at all times

6.Maintaining professional attitude and loyalty to the program at all times

7.Maintaining confidentiality regarding staff, families, and children at all times

8.Addressing concerns regarding program issues (i.e. staffing, safety, program, operations) to the Director

9.Relating to families in a positive and respectful manner

10.Knowing the policies of the program in regard to: communicable disease and exclusion of sick children, first aid and medical emergency (and reporting), fire and severe weather evacuation, child abuse reporting, discipline and termination

11.Dressing appropriately in compliance with the center's dress code policy


Must be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma, and have a strong desire to work with children. Must have a warm, nurturing, and friendly personality and be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others. Must be in tune with young children. She/he must have a mature attitude that allows her or him to communicate effectively, problem solve, and anticipate the needs of her/his co-workers. A CDA or degree in early childhood education, as well as experience with infants, is preferred.

Nice To Haves


Minimum Education : High School or Equivalent
Job Type : Part Time
Category : Education/Training
Minimum Experience : 1 Yr
Location : Covington, KY

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