Reveille Weekday School

Toddler Lead Teacher

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Location : Richmond, VA
Category : None
Job Type : Part Time



Monday and Wednesday Mornings, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

2024-2025 School Year, beginning August 26, 2024

The Toddler Teacher is responsible for providing instruction and nurturing for a class of toddlers.



1.   Teach the assigned children by preparing and carrying out lesson plans.

2.   Conduct the class in accordance with the goals of the School.

3.   Assist in the maintenance of the classroom and in making recommendations for the purchase of supplies and equipment for the toddler classes.

4.   Participate in 16 hours of paid professional development.

5.   Participate in staff planning days, staff meetings, and special events sponsored by the School.

6.   Perform other duties and responsibilities as may be designated by the director.

7.   Participate in setting individual goals for the year.


1.   Prepare lesson plans, post plans on the classroom wall making them visible to parents, and keep all plans on file.

2.   Lesson plans must be flexible and adjusted to meet the developmental needs and interests of the children.

3.   Each planned activity has a written objective/purpose & a written evaluation.

4.   Classroom practices accurately reflect the program philosophy.

5.   Serve as mentor and guide to the Assistant Teacher and parent volunteers.

Observations and Assessment

1.   Conduct ongoing observations in the natural classroom setting, covering all areas of development (physical, cognitive, language, social, and emotional).

2.   Use classroom observations in the formal assessment process.

3.   Conduct age-appropriate assessments based on developmental norms.

Church/School Relations

1.   Maintain contact with the Sunday School teachers who share classroom space to coordinate the use of space and equipment.

2.   Maintain church property in good condition and report needed repairs to the Director.


1.   Maintain open communication with parents of assigned children.

2.   Post daily activities each day to provide information for the parents.

3.   Guide the involvement of the Room Parent/Advisory Committee representative.


The Toddler Lead Teacher must have a college degree, CDA Credential or experience in Early Childhood Education.

Nice To Haves

Experience working with Toddlers is preferred.



About Us

Reveille Weekday School is a half-day faith-based early childhood program where the foundations of learning are established and nurtured. Reveille United Methodist Church began ministering to young families through the Reveille Weekday School in 1966. In the heart of the Near West End, many families walk or bike to school, but we also attract families throughout Richmond and the surrounding counties. The school enjoys many traditions dating back decades, including our Thanksgiving pie baking event, which started in 1969, and remains a pillar of our fall schedule today.

Our program serves children ages 12 months through Junior Kindergarten and uses a state-vetted curriculum that focuses on student and teacher interactions as well as developmental learning objectives. Teachers complete informal and formal assessments annually, and portfolios are kept along with anecdotal notes for each child in all toddler and preschool classes. Reveille Weekday School has a long history of attracting talented teachers and staff, as well as loving families. Almost three-quarters of our staff have either children or grandchildren (or both) who attended Reveille Weekday School, and some of our current students are second-generation families.  The Reveille Weekday School staff seeks to exemplify God’s love by providing care and by showing respect for each child as a unique and valued person.

Salary : $20/Hr
Minimum Education : None
Job Type : Part Time
Category : None
Minimum Experience : None
Location : Richmond, VA

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