Highland Plaza United Methodist Preschool


Reference ID : 72775
Location : Hixson, TN
Category : Administrative
Job Type : Part Time



The Bookeeper supports preschool Director in all operations considered essential in the functioning of the school. Maintains office equipment, systems, and files; prepares payroll; manages accounts receivable and accounts payable. Accounting systems must meet HUMC’s expectations as outlined in the Operational Guidelines held by the Trustees. 


Job Duties:


·      General Administrative tasks

o  Organize office operations, supplies, systems, and procedures.

o  Meet weekly with the director and collaborate on upcoming tasks and bookkeeping issues.

o  Maintain Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and other technical knowledge through options such as online training and attending workshops.

o  Complete all required training by licensing to maintain substitute status.

o  Assist with technology and documentation needs for classrooms.

o  Maintain familiarity with licensing regulations to serve as back-up stand-in director when needed.


·      Record Keeping

o  Collect and maintain children’s records for licensing requirements.

o  Update online forms annually.

o  Help prepare and maintain other documents for licensing assessments.

o  Maintain special program enrollment, rosters, and payment records.

o  Update directories, manuals, allergy information, and handbooks in collaboration with Director.

o  Maintain updated class rosters, calendars, visitor sign-ins, etc.

o  Maintain historical records for bookkeeping/audit purposes.

o  Maintain vendor files for purchasing and licensing information.


·      Accounts Payable

o  Review and record payments in a timely manner.

o  Handle all incoming mail.

o  Maintain organized hard copy files for payables.

o  Prepare checks for Director approval.


·      Accounts Receivable

o  Manage “third party merchant” transactions weekly.

o  Manage automated invoicing, notice of bills, and reporting A/R to Director.

o  Communicate with families about credits and underpayments in a respectful, timely manner.

o  Prepare deposits weekly.






·      Bookkeeping

o  Prepare payroll for processing by Director.

o  Reconcile all bank accounts monthly and get Director approval.

o  Review the budget vs actual monthly and report to Director.

o  Provide profit and loss report monthly to Director.

o  Prepare and discuss monthly financial reports for the Director to send to the Advisory Board, preferably at least two days before meetings.

o  Work with Director to source best prices for supplies and services as needed.

o  Assist Director in creating an annual budget.

o  Manage fiscal year-end close in collaboration with Director.

o  Assist Director in discussions during annual audit of books.

o  Manage fundraised and grant funds in partnership with the director. Maintain documentation in an organized manner and prepare reports for Director as needed.


·      Human Resources

o  Orient new staff in preschool procedures including use of timesheets, security system, classroom computers, and email systems for internal and external communications.

o  Distribute and record nametags, security system fobs and codes.

o  When employee leaves employment, prepare closing paycheck and notify HUMC bookkeeping; collect security fob, nametag, and any other HPUMP items in their possession; and disarm employee’s code.


·      Admissions and Marketing Tasks

o  Manage wait list database and collaborate with Director when vacancies arise.

o  Facilitate enrollment process for returning and new families.

o  Assist Director in producing marketing/communication materials.

o  Update website as needed for tuition, admissions, and other content updates.

o  Review website annually for appearance and staff updates.


Experience with Quickbooks required

Associates degree or higher preferred

Strong experience with financial platforms

Experience with Microsoft Office preferred

Experience with office management preferred

Experience working with non-profit and/or preschool organizations preferred


  • 12 days paid holidays and breaks
  • 5 paid sick days
  • Flexible summer schedule
  • Paid training
  • Tuition Discount

Salary : $15 to $17/Hr
Minimum Education : Associate
Job Type : Part Time
Category : Administrative
Minimum Experience : 3 Yrs
Location : Hixson, TN

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