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After School Counselor - Part Time

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Location : Lithonia, GA
Category : Education/Training
Job Type : Part Time






With little supervision, the counselor performs a variety of instructional and routine clerical duties required to orderly conduct and after-school program. The counselor will supervise the activities of students and perform related duties as required. This position will assist the Instructor in providing optimum growth and development for the children.


Ø Establish and maintain a neat and orderly classroom

Ø Instruct students utilizing curriculum as established by Excell

Ø Treat all students and parents with respect

Ø Strive daily to exhibit the qualities that reflects Excell’s mission, goals and values


These skills and talents are required to successfully accomplish the tasks above.

Ø Warm personality and an accepting attitude toward young children and parents.

Ø A keen desire to work with children.

Ø Sound literacy and numeracy skills.

Ø Be able to accept responsibility as well direction from the Instructor

Ø Alert, observant, active and able to use judgement and initiative.

Ø Ability to communicate effectively with others, demonstrating tact, diplomacy and sensitivity to their concerns

Ø Ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with other staff members

Ø Ability to work with numerous interruptions and distractions

Ø Patience

Ø Ability to lift children and equipment.






After-school Counselor performs the following tasks:

Ø Prepare and provide snack to after-school students.

Ø Assist students with homework as necessary. Proof homework for neatness and accuracy.

Ø Assist with recording keeping, including attendance, behavior and incident reports.

Ø Maintain order and control at all times in the classroom.

Ø Conduct educational and entertaining activities for the children as directed per the after-school schedule.

Ø Interact with the children at all times, particularly during playtime. Do not allow inappropriate actions or conversations to occur amongst the children.

Ø Conduct housekeeping duties as necessary to include cleaning up after snack, maintaining the bathroom, maintaining games and all other areas related to the after-school program. 

Ø Supervise children with bathroom and water breaks.

Ø Never leave children unattended.

Ø Be pleasant at all times, cooperating with other staff and directing children with positive directions.

Ø Make every effort to further knowledge and education for the young children.

Ø Comfort children who are hurt or distressed.

Ø Always check the playground for hazards, such as sticks, rocks, etc., everyday.

Ø Prepare and distribute behavior and incident reports the same day.

Ø TAKE THE INITIATIVE. Do what needs to be done. Do not wait to be told.

Ø Attend yearly Bright from the Start and Excell training as required.

Ø Remain active and alert at all times.

Ø Other duties as assigned




The minimum qualifications are:

Ø High school education

Ø Experience in the childcare field or equivalent education (2 year degree).

Ø Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Ø Knowledge of children’s games and craft activities

Ø Knowledge of simple record keeping and office procedures

Ø Knowledge of standard office equipment

Nice To Haves




About Us

Our Mission

To Educate & Train Young Children Academically, Spiritually, Mentally & Socially

We believe in aggressively preparing our children for each level of development. We use developmentally appropriate practices while building self-esteem, self-help skills, and confidence in a nurturing and loving environment.

We believe that the classroom is a mini-society and that teaching should help children establish the skills and talents necessary to reach his/her fullest potential; while feeling loved and secure. Excell Preparatory Center provides various avenues for each child's future success in the larger, high-tech, international society. Our teaching reflects a high regard for each child's uniqueness, with respect and understanding of societal and cultural diversity. We provide a sensitive, caring, professionally trained staff, dedicated to working in partnership with parents and families.

-Our Faculty & Staff

Salary : $13.50 to $14/Hr
Minimum Education : High School or Equivalent
Job Type : Part Time
Category : Education/Training
Minimum Experience : 2 Yrs
Location : Lithonia, GA

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