15th Ave N Learning Academy

Early Childhood Infant Teacher

Reference ID : 69233
Location : Nashville, TN
Category : None
Job Type : Full Time



This person needs to have a passion for children and a willingness to be there for all children. Needs to have patience and want to teach children about the world around them.


Able to interact with infants 6 weeks to 15 months old.

Some paperwork and computer work required

Able to get along with co-workers and work as a team.

Follow Company policies and DHS Rules and Regulations.


Must have a high school diploma

Must be able to work Monday through Friday and have good transportation to get to work on time.

Must be able to get down and play with children and interact with them.

Needs to pass a background check.

Able to complete 24 training hours a year.


Paid holidays

Paid PTO time

Minimum Education : High School or Equivalent
Job Type : Full Time
Category : None
Minimum Experience : None
Location : Nashville, TN

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