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Substitute Teacher

Reference ID : 67353
Location : Rockingham, VA
Category : None
Job Type : Part Time



The substitute teacher will be responsible for supporting the teacher in general supervision and management of the assigned classroom. Schedules will vary week to week depending on the need for coverage.



Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Assist the teacher in planning and implementing the daily program, including the following:
  2. Treat each child with dignity and respect.
  3. Recognize and consider the individual needs of each child in relation to cultural and socio-economic background, disabilities, special talents and interests, style and pace of learning.
  4. Help children learn to think creatively, to solve problems independently and to respect themselves and others.

  1. Supervise the classroom, according to the plans of the teacher, when the teacher is out of the room.
  2. Help with meals and preparation of snacks.
  3. Assist the teacher in other appropriate ways.
  4. Maintain professional attitudes, behavior and dress at all times while on duty. This includes using proper channels to air problems and complaints.
  5. Participate in professional organizations that work for the improvement of early childhood education.
  6. Maintain strict confidentiality regarding children and their families.
  7. Promote a good rapport among staff members.
  8. Share with the teacher the responsibility of maintaining a clean room.
  9. Attend outside workshops when appropriate.
  10. Be actively involved with the children.
  11. Communicate in a friendly and professional manner with parents, visitors, families and participants in the Adult Day Care Center.
  12. Use naptime constructively. (These hours may be used for planning, research, maintenance duties, record keeping, conferences and curriculum work.)


GENERAL: All staff members must be of good character and reputation; competent, qualified and capable of carrying out assigned responsibilities; willing and able to accept training and supervision; considerate, understanding and respectful of children, elderly and disabled persons; clean and well groomed; able to communicate effectively in English; able to meet the requirements for a Criminal Record Check and able to meet requirements for TB screening.

EDUCATION:   Must have a high school diploma or equivalent, and experience working with preschool children in a group setting. Must have received, be in the process of receiving or be willing and able to receive some class room training in the education and development of young children. Must have a current certification in CPR and First Aid, or be willing and able to obtain both during orientation period.


Great work environment! Flexible hours. Opportunity for advancement.

Salary : $15 to $15/Hr
Minimum Education : High School or Equivalent
Job Type : Part Time
Category : None
Minimum Experience : None
Location : Rockingham, VA

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