Highland Plaza United Methodist Preschool

Preschool Atelierista (Art Studio Teacher)

Reference ID : 57495
Location : Hixson, TN
Category : Education/Training
Job Type : Part Time



Within the school the Atelier and the Atelierista fulfill a role different from that of the classroom teacher. The Atelierista offers another perspective on the learning that occurs in the school. Her role as guide can be more active, more creative, and more varied than the regular classroom teachers. Freed from the burden of structure, the Atelierista can go where the children's ideas go and she can support them to better define their dreams as well as their use of multiple languages to express their understanding of how the world works. This position begins with a belief in the competency of children to lead their own learning and understanding of how creative expression is fundamental to that process.


o Every child will have an opportunity to come to the atelier and work in a focused way. In this space children will be able to concentrate and discover their own strengths.

o Children will feel confident in this space and will feel that this space belongs to them. We want children to have a sense of ownership that comes from understanding how to use and care for materials.

o Traditional art studio materials will be available such as paint, clay and drawing tools, but unconventional materials will also be utilized such as light boxes, projection devices, and collections of natural and found resources.

o Experiences in the atelier will be influenced and inspired by the teachers and children in the classroom and by everything that is happening in the classrooms. 

o The atelier will be a place of investigations. It will be a place for making, testing, and retesting theories.

o The atelier will be a place for children to express their constructed view of the world.

o Our outdoor atelier, Twigs, will be valued and supported as a place for children to explore natural materials and to make connections with nature. Opportunities to extend indoor explorations outdoors should be identified and facilitated.


  1. Provide a clean and organized studio environment rich with materials that provoke opportunities for children to relate and interact in spontaneous, self-directed ways. This applies equally to both our indoor Atelier and our outdoor Twigs Atelier.
  2. Provide multi-media experiences to children in collaboration with classroom teachers.
  3. Consult with classroom teachers in creating mini-ateliers in each classroom rich in materials to enable children to use various media to express themselves in many different ways.
  4. Provide provocations that change periodically (at least every two weeks) in Twigs Atelier. Clear and simple directions should be provided to classroom teachers, and if needed, quick training or instruction ahead of setting up the provocation for use by the children.
  5. Collaborate with and listen to the needs of classroom teachers to keep the flow of our work connected.
  6. Plan and lead classroom mini-meetings with Co-Atelierista. Plan ideas to scaffold children's explorations in class and in the Atelier.
  7. Offer classroom teachers assistance as the "documentation consultant" and "expert panel designer" (photography, video, panel layout, etc.)
  8. Write with the co-atelierista a bi-monthly newsletter or website blog or a monthly column for the general school newsletter. Send to the website manager via email for posting.
  9. Prepare and post lesson plan projections made in collaboration with the co-atelierista and classroom teachers.
  10. Periodically, or at least twice a year, prepare and lead the other teaching staff in materials explorations so they too can learn the languages of materials.


Trained in art education with knowledge of Reggio studio practices for preschool age children. Love of nature and working outdoors.


  • The power of art processes to increase complex thinking, to serve as languages for children to make their thinking visible, to inspire children to "see" with a variety of perspectives, to develop visual/spatial reasoning AND know how to facilitate this with young children.
  • The Maker Movement and "loose parts" and its value
  • The value of nature and the use of natural materials

Nice To Haves


29 Paid Holidays

  • Fall Break
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Break
  • Spring Break
  • Other holidays

5 days of Sick Leave

Paid professional development opportunities

Membership to NAREA

Salary : $16.50 to $18.50/Hr
Minimum Education : Bachelor's
Job Type : Part Time
Category : Education/Training
Minimum Experience : 2 Yrs
Location : Hixson, TN

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