Teddys Place

School Age Teacher

Reference ID: 4958
Location: Sun Prairie, WI
Category: Education/Training
Job Type: Full Time



The Teacher is responsible for developing a cohesive teaching team, coordinating the curriculum, and managing the day-to-day operational activities of the classroom. Teachers must understand children’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development in order to ensure a safe and stimulating classroom environment where children are actively engaged and encouraged to succeed. The Teacher must be skilled in communicating with both children and adults in order to meet the needs of the children, effectively guide teacher assistants, and resolve parental concerns.

You will also be working as a mentor to our high school students who are apart of the work study program. Teaching how to do lesson plans, observations, portfolios, and etc.



Nice To Haves


About Us

At Teddy's Place Childcare we are not your typical center in the fact that all our classrooms are mixed ages! We have families and teachers from diverse and unique backgrounds! We have teachers that speak up to 11 different languages! We also pride ourselves with having teachers with longevity, some teachers have been here for over 16 years! Our philosophy is that we grow and teach as a center, we work as a team to solve problems and always make sure that we are doing what is best practiced for the children and the center as a whole! We continually offer training's so that way we are always the best we can be! Don't be afraid if you still need to learn certain philosophies or how we do things, it is just as much our job to teach you as it is your job to teach the children!

Salary: $15 to $25/Hr
Minimum Education: High School or Equivalent
Job Type: Full Time
Category: Education/Training
Minimum Experience: 2 Yrs
Location: Sun Prairie, WI