Alleghany Highlands YMCA

Preschool Teacher Assistant

Reference ID : 47629
Location : Covington, VA
Category : None
Job Type : Full Time



To assist the Lead teacher in providing a warm, nurturing, safe, and loving environment in which children can develop physically, emotionally, academically and socially. 


1.   Assisting with developing and administering small group activities that include music, games, art, science, and stories.  

2.   Attending trainin'gs, in-service seminars and staff meetings.

3.   Willing to accept and follow directions.

4.   Actively participating in all activities

5.   Caring for children's physical needs.

6.   Being responsible for the safety of the children at all times, including understanding and being able to implement emergency procedures as necessary.

7.   Preventing, identifying and reacting properly to child abuse situations.

8.   Assisting the staff with or assuming other duties as required for the operation of the child care program.

9.   Maintaining a safe / clean environment, assisting with basic cleaning duties.

10. Attending parent - child events as required.

11. Being committed to regular work attendance.

12. Demonstrating a positive attitude towards parents, children and co-workers

13. Demonstrating proper behavior for children as role model

14. Recording activities or maintaining daily log as needed.

15. Demonstrating knowledge of child development and effective discipline techniques

16. Ability to create a loving and caring atmosphere within the YMCA program.

17. Treat each child with dignity and respect. Enhance the child's self - concept through acceptance and a positive attitude.

18. Assist with mealtime activities of the group to include snack and lunch. The Assistant should eat lunch with the children.

19. Maintain visual and auditory supervision of the child at all times to insure their safety in the classroom, on the playground, and on field trips.

20. Administer first aid for minor accidents and complete an Accident Report.

21. Any other duties assigned by the Administrator, Site Coordinator or Lead Teacher.

22. Being responsible for confidentiality.

23. Supporting the program and the goals of the YMCA.

24. Demonstrate classroom management skills that insure order and organization of the child's environment.

25. Establish and maintain good communication with parents on a daily, informal basis

26. Continue the development of self-help skills to include, but not limited to, putting on a coat, buttoning, zipping, hand washing, and toileting skills including diaper changing if applicable. 


Be available to work Monday-Friday 7am-5:30pm

Nice To Haves

CDA or Associate Degree in Early Education


To be discussed at time of hire

Minimum Education : High School or Equivalent
Job Type : Full Time
Category : None
Minimum Experience : None
Location : Covington, VA

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