Bee Balm Learning Center

Lead 4K Teacher

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Location: Madison, WI
Category: Education/Training
Job Type: Full Time



Bee Balm Learning Center is looking for a Teacher. The hours for this position are M-F, 40 hours per week. This job is as rewarding as it is fun - teachers here are promoted to integrate their own interests and teaching styles and are supported through the training process so as to become the best teacher they can be!

Teacher General Responsibilities


Essential Functions and Responsibilities

·        Maintain prompt hours that are scheduled in advance with Director and/or Administrator.

·        Maintain a 96% attendance rate; follow all BBLC policies and procedures for time off, including sick days, appointments, personal days, and vacations

·        Be reliable with all assignments, including classroom paperwork (ratio sheets, attendance sheets, meal sheets, medication forms, lotion permission, accident reports, daily sheets, emergency cards)

·        Maintain a neat, clean and professional appearance.

·        Show good judgment

·        Work with all other team members in a cooperative and collaborative manner, specifically; attend all team meetings and co-teacher meetings, volunteer for extra responsibility, contribute valuable ideas, be prepared for all transitions, be open to feedback and constructive criticism

·        Attend extra center functions when possible (fundraisers, holiday party, etc) and interact with parents and children during those events.

·        Keep up on your education by attending seminars and classes and keep up with new child development. It is your responsibility to make sure to get your required hours of continuing education every year.

·        Follow all personnel policies of Bee Balm Learning Center (see Employee Handbook).


Classroom Management

·        Develop, maintain, and follow through on weekly lesson plans that are tightly aligned with Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards and Creative Curriculum which have clear and measurable goals

·        Rotate classroom materials for each specific lesson plan

·        Complete daily observations each day for your classroom

·        Maintain each child’s Individual Child Portfolio

·        Complete Classroom Summary Worksheet at least every 3 months

·        Reflect and evaluate each lesson plan individually and collaboratively

·        Be constantly in the “lesson planning loop” (daily observations-portfolios-classroom summary worksheet-lesson plans- reflect)

·        Provide a meaningful classroom environment for the children

·        Provide and maintain a neat, organized and sanitary classroom, including any bathrooms. Restock any necessary supplies as needed.

·        Provide a place where every child is engaged in the lesson plan and the environment

·        In the event that a child needs special services (for example from psychologists, teachers, etc.) the teacher will be directly involved in maintaining records for those professionals as requested and attending any special meeting that are requested with regard to that child.

Skills with Children

·        Play with the children on their level in a constructive, teaching, loving manner.

·        Promote and supervise activities which promote the healthy, emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development of each child. Offer hugs, kisses, individual attention, self-esteem boosters, and respect.

·        Maintain a calm and friendly voice at all times.

·        Develop a flexible daily schedule of activities and implement classroom routines consistently 

·        Work with children to develop the “whole child”

·        Develop clear expectations for the children and maintain smooth transitions

·        Respond quickly to crying, fights and screams of joy. Always get down to the children’s level when speaking to them.

·        Supervise all activities with the children to insure the safety of each child at all times.

·        Use appropriate discipline at all times when dealing with the children.

·        Have knowledge of all BBLC policies, state regulations, and criteria for NAC accreditation.


Family and Community Outreach

·        Be familiar, sensitive, and respectful with each child’s home background and who is allowed and not allowed to remove the child from the Center.

·        Communicate with parents on a daily basis; discuss daily needs as well as developmental milestones. Greet each child and his/ her parents every morning if you are here and say good-bye if you are here when they leave.

·        Work with parents whenever possible to promote the understanding of growth and development of their child in a child care setting. 

·        Encourage parental participation in the center, classroom curriculum, and the community

·        Address any parental concerns, comments or questions in a professional manner.

·        Attend Parent Meetings when scheduled. Provide input during meetings when necessary.

·        Conduct Parent Teacher Conferences twice per year.

·        Be proactive in working with and contacting all parents

·        Recruit parent and community volunteers and resources to enrich your classroom



Nice To Haves

Experience in E.C.E.


Salary: $15 to $18/Hr
Minimum Education: Associate
Job Type: Full Time
Category: Education/Training
Minimum Experience: 1 Yr
Location: Madison, WI