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Infant Toddler Lead Teacher

Reference ID: 4320
Location: Atlanta, GA
Category: Education/Training
Job Type: Full Time



The Lead Teacher is responsible for ensuring the care and education of a group of children as part of a teaching team. He/she assists with the planning and implementation of the curriculum.


Maintains a Safe and Healthy Environment

  1. Maintain an orderly learning environment.
  2. Promote healthy eating practices by eating with children.
  3. Maintain proper dental hygiene according to regulations.
  4. Post necessary health and safety information.
  5. Share routine duties with other staff (supervision on playground, toileting, cleanup, classroom maintenance).
  6. Assist in keeping room and other areas neat and clean.
  7. Interact with children in activities he/she is supervising.
  8. Perform health checks on children daily.
  9. Perform monthly classroom and playground safety checks and report deficiencies to Curriculum Specialist/Instructional Lead Teacher.
  10. Perform appropriate hand washing and sanitizing procedures.

Demonstrates Physical & Cognitive Competence

  1. Provide balance between child/teacher-initiated activities.
  2. Use equipment/materials to promote physical development.
  3. Provide balance between quiet/active learning activities.
  4. Involve children in planning and implementing activities.
  5. Provide an integrated curriculum that meets the needs of individual children.
  6. Plan and implement activities that promote acquisition of number concepts.
  7. Plan and implement experiences that promote language and literacy development.
  8. Consider outdoors as a part of learning environment.
  9. Assess childrens needs and developmental progress on an ongoing basis.
  10. Maintain written plans on a weekly basis.
  11. Assess childrens needs and developmental progress on an ongoing basis.
  12. Use the results of assessments to plan activities for children based on the developmental level.
  13. Prepare activities ahead of time so materials are in order when needed and follows through with planned activities.
  14. Share knowledge of childrens developmental stages by planning age appropriate activities.

Supports Social and Emotional Development and Provides Positive Guidance

  1. Plan and implement hands-on activities that develop self-esteem.
  2. Plan and implement hands-on activities that develop social skills.
  3. Plan and implement culturally diverse experiences.
  4. Promote the use of positive guidance techniques.
  5. Provide a wide variety of creative/expressive activities.
  6. Establish routines with smooth transition periods.
  7. Encourage children to be independent in decision making and self-care (dressing, toileting, etc.)
  8. Greet children upon arrival and departure.
  9. Show each child affection and attention daily.
  10. Encourage children to problem solve and discover.
  11. Help children work out problems by encouraging them to talk about their feelings (anger, sadness, fear, etc.) and express them appropriately.
  12. Must be willing to work with special needs children and families.

Establishes Positive and Productive Relationships with Families

  1. Greet parents and other visitors with a smile and friendly manner.
  2. Take time to explain classroom activities and projects to parents.
  3. Provide verbal and/or written communication to parents daily regarding childs activities.
  4. Relate assessment information to parents and offers support for dealing with children at different developmental stages.
  5. Plan and conducts home and/or personal visits.
  6. Promote communication with parents through progress notes, monthly newsletters, and parent conferences.
  7. Provide variety of ways that families can participate in the program.
  8. Encourage parents to participate in the program.

Maintains a Commitment to Professionalism

  1. Attend staff and parent leadership meetings.
  2. Attend conference and in-service training.
  3. Make observable use of knowledge gained from conferences and courses.
  4. Share new ideas and skills with other staff members.
  5. Promote the centers philosophy and educational objectives.
  6. Report to the Center Director before workday begins when planning to be absent.
  7. Maintain a good attendance record.
  8. Report to classroom according to schedule.
  9. Follow center rules regarding breaks, telephones, clocking in and out, etc.
  10. Demonstrate competence in required job skills and knowledge.
  11. Exhibit ability to learn and apply new skills.
  12. Keep current on developments in the field of ECE.
  13. Require minimal supervision.
  14. Use resources effectively and efficiently.
  15. Display understanding of State Licensing Regulations.
  16. Display understanding of NAEYC standards.
  17. Display knowledge and understanding of Head Start Performance Standard.
  18. Work with Curriculum Specialist/ Instructional Lead Teacher to ensure that adequate materials are available in classrooms and unit boxes.
  19. Ensure that childrens developmental assessments are completed and on-going assessments are used for planning.







Background check and fingerprinting are required prior to hire date. Caring for children can be stressful. The Teacher must ensure that children are supervised at all times, and that children are involved in safe and appropriate activities. There may be a number of situations happening at once, and the Teacher must be prepared to handle accidents and emergencies at any time.


BA or BS in Early Childhood or closely related field


Health, Dental, Life and Retirement

Minimum Education: Bachelor's
Job Type: Full Time
Category: Education/Training
Minimum Experience: 2 Yrs
Location: Atlanta, GA