Preschool Teachers, Except Special Education

Reference ID: 3699
Location: Lagrange, GA
Category: Education/Training
Job Type: Full Time



This position serves as the lead worker in a classroom of Head Start children by planning, implementing, and supervising all classroom activities. This position works with typically developing children and children with disabilities. Because this position is one part of a large system of services provided to children and families, this position also serves as a social service referral person and shares responsibility for parent involvement in the program. The position of Teacher works in tandem with the rest of the parts of the system as an integrated team to support the goals of the program. The position may be reassigned to various classrooms/centers as deemed necessary for program operations. The position may serve as “site director” for child care licensing purposes.


Program Development

1) Attends all required training and workshops to include but not limited to 15 hours of classroom focused professional development and methods that comply with applicable State and local laws for identifying and reporting child abuse and neglect.

2) Remains up-to-date on information that pertains to the needs of the children in the program including Head Start Performance Standards, child care licensing regulations and other applicable regulations and practices.

3) Works as a team member with the other education staff, parents and Parent Committee members to develop a curriculum that is meaningful and meets the individual and program needs.

4) Responsible for the weekly preparation of daily lesson plans, which includes objectives to be posted for parents, volunteers and visitors in the classroom.

Preschool Program Implementation

1) Supervises all classroom activities, field trips and outdoor activities.

2) Plans and provides a developmentally and linguistically appropriate curriculum and experiences in a manner appropriate to the ages, languages and cultures of children served.

3) Directs any special needs problems to the appropriate manager/specialist/coordinator or supervisor.

4) Plans and implements learning experiences that advance the intellectual and physical development of children including improving the readiness of children for school by developing their literacy and phonemic, print and numeracy awareness, their understanding of the use of language, their understanding and use of increasingly complex and varied vocabulary, their appreciation of books, their understanding of early math and early science, their problem solving abilities and their approaches to learning.

5) Implements education lesson plans and daily programs for children in accordance with each child's need, based on a method of observing and recording children’s interests and current levels of functioning.


Record keeping

1) Submits monthly progress reports to the supervisor as scheduled.

2) Supervises or orders supplies as needed and takes inventory as requested.

3) Submits monthly bills and reports to the central office in a timely manner.

4) Maintains child records in cooperation with the family services/case management staff.

5) Gathers and maintains individual, family and classroom data for documentation, on-going assessment, evaluation and record keeping for successful individual and program planning.

Parent Involvement and Community Relations

1) Sets up system to assure program's needs for parent involvement in each classroom are met.

2) Establishes positive and productive relationships with families focusing on a relationship of trust and rapport with the parents of the children.

3) Participates in the orientation of parents to Head Start throughout the year.


Current minimum qualification is one of the following:

1) An associate degree in a field related to Early Childhood Education and coursework* equivalent to a major relating to Early Childhood Education with at least 500 clock hours of experience in an early childhood setting teaching preschool-age children;

2) A baccalaureate or advanced degree in any field and coursework* equivalent to a major relating to Early Childhood Education with at least 500 clock hours of experience in an early childhood setting teaching preschool-age children; or

3) A baccalaureate degree in any field and has been admitted into the Teach For America program, passed a rigorous early childhood content exam, such as the Praxis II, participated in a Teach For America summer training institute that includes teaching preschool children, and is receiving ongoing professional development and support from Teach For America’s professional staff; or

4) Be enrolled in an associate or bachelor degree program in early childhood education (or related degree as defined in # 4 or # 5 above) and be able to obtain the degree within a reasonable timeframe after the initial date of hire into the Teacher position and have an approved waiver in effect.


CDI HS offers full benefits including medical, vision, dental & life insurance. Paid holidays and scheduled closures. Tuition reimbursement available to those who qualify. Position open until filled. CDI Head Start is an equal opportunity employer. 

Salary: $11.50 to $15.30/Hr
Minimum Education: Associate
Job Type: Full Time
Category: Education/Training
Minimum Experience: 2 Yrs
Location: Lagrange, GA