Little Turtles' Playhouse

Little Turtles' Playhouse - Center Director

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Location: Beloit, WI
Category: Education/Training
Job Type: Full Time



Little Turtles’ Playhouse is a non-profit, cooperative child care center, located in Beloit, WI. Our work is

informed by our mission to provide affordable and high-quality childcare services to families living in the

Stateline area through the cooperative efforts of teachers and parents. At our center, children 0-6 are guided,

taught, and cared for by professional, creative teachers. Parents and volunteers work together to support the

daily work of the center, from maintaining classrooms, providing breakfast and snack, hiring teachers, and

guiding the strategic direction of the center.


Little Turtles’ Playhouse is currently seeking a Center Director to lead our work with teachers, children, and

parent volunteers. The position is a full time, hourly position. The Center Director will be responsible for:

1. Enacting the mission of the center and modeling the values of the Little Turtles’ Cooperative Child

Care Center community, with current and prospective parents, children, teaching staff, and volunteers.

2. Upholding all licensing rules as provided by the Department of Children and Families Administrative


3. Supervising teaching staff and volunteers in the classroom, with a focus on developing strong

child-teacher bonds.

4. Scheduling families and teachers on a weekly basis, to ensure approved student-teacher ratios.

5. Developing and directing weekly curriculums, in coordination with a volunteer Curriculum Coordinator

and lead teachers in each room.

6. Providing professional development to teaching staff, in coordination with a volunteer Staff

Development Coordinator.

7. Interviewing and screening teachers, in coordination with the volunteer Hiring Coordinator.

8. Coordination of classroom volunteer needs, with the volunteer Labor Officer.

9. Problem solving and troubleshooting, in partnership with the volunteer President of the Board of


10. Teaching in the classroom, as needed.


A successful candidate will:

1. Be at least 21 years of age

2. Have at least 80 full days or 120 half days of experience as a teacher or assistant teacher in a licensed

child care center or other approved setting.

3. Hold an associate’s degree in early childhood education or child care from an institution of higher

education (required) or a bachelor’s degree from an institution of higher education in early childhood

education or child development or a license from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to

act as a kindergarten, pre-kindergarten, or early childhood (regular or special education) teacher


4. Have demonstrated experience managing and leading staff (preferred), with a focus on teaching staff

in an early childhood setting.

5. Hold Registry Certificate level of 12 (required).

6. Have demonstrated experience coordinating with volunteers and internal and external stakeholders.

7. Have demonstrated experience and expertise interacting with children and adults.

Nice To Haves

We prefer the director to have the following:

Administrator Credential

Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards

Pyramid Model Certification

Strengthening Families Certification

Breastfeeding Friendly Certification

Current Mandated Reporter Certification (expires every 2 years)

Shaken Baby Syndrome Certification

Sudden Infant Death Certification

Familiarity with ITERS and ECERS (Infant Toddler Environmental Rating Scale and Early Childhood

Environmental Rating Scale)


We offer competitive pay, flexible schedules, ongoing continuing education opportunities, and paid holidays.

Minimum Education: Associate
Job Type: Full Time
Category: Education/Training
Minimum Experience: 1 Yr
Location: Beloit, WI