Annette's Preschool

Infant-Toddler Teacher

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Location : Hinesburg, VT
Category : Education/Training
Job Type : Full Time



Mission Statement

The mission of Annette's Preschool is to understand each child's unique developmental profile. Using a nature-based, emergent, developmentally responsive curriculum, Annette's works to achieve the highest level of professional development for our teaching staff, build a community where families feel connected to one another and to the wider community, and to cultivate sustainable environmental choices and business practices to support the health and wellness for the children and teachers who work and play here!

Purpose Statement: 

The Infant Co-Teacher is responsible for the care, supervision and management of a class of children (age 6 weeks -20 months) in accord with the goals and nature based curriculum of Annette's Preschool. The Co-teacher is responsible for creating a warm and nurturing relationship with each child and family. Using observation and assessment tools, the Co-Teacher documents each child's growth and learning in relation to his or her developmental level and Vermont Early Learning Standards to design an age-appropriate curriculum that supports communication, social skills, and autonomy through exploration and outdoor play. The Co-Teacher reports to the Center Director. 


Achieving highest quality of professional development

Work skills, Knowledge, Personal development:

Plan and implement an emergent, nature based curriculum to meet the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of each child based on the mission of Annette's Preschool. 

Ensure that child care routines are carried out in a manner that is prompt, hygienic, and consistent with good child development principles.  

Ensure the safety of children through constant supervision, effective arrangement of space, proper maintenance of equipment, and regular practice of fire drills and other emergency procedures. 

Operate the classroom in compliance with all child care licensing standards, and Annettes Preschool Employee and Policy Handbooks.

Provide experiences that promote individual expression through conversation, play and creativity through emergent and play based curriculum.

Conduct observations and assessments using current tools/methodology to gather information on each childs development and maintain written records designed to evaluate each individual child.

Contribute to the operation of the center by participating in staff meetings and sharing information gained through attendance at workshops and professional reading.

Building a Community/

Teamwork, Empathy, Communication:

Create an open, friendly, and cooperative atmosphere in which children, families, and co-workers feel comfortable and secure.

Ensure that parents receive adequate information about their child's experiences at the center through daily contacts and regularly scheduled parent conferences.

Promote and nurture parent-child bonding and relationships. 

Be a positive ambassador for the program by participating in community events and sharing community resources with parents.

Promote independence and responsibility for all by guiding behavior with positive behavior management techniques.

Work collaboratively with peers to maintain a positive and open work climate for all.

Cultivating healthy environmental choices and sustainable business practices/

Initiative/Efficiency, Work Quality, Ethics:

Observe children to detect signs of illness, injury, abuse, neglect, emotional disturbance, or other special needs. Document and report these signs immediately to the Director.

Use equipment and supplies safely and conscientiously, keeping physical environment clean and orderly.

Maintain confidentiality of child, staff and family information at all times.

Inspect the school site and equipment for potential safety hazards; taking corrective action or informing the Director to prevent injuries.

Monitor use of supplies and have an awareness of the classroom budget.

Participate in center sponsored activities and have active involvement in the growth of the center (i.e. committee work and program promotion).

Maintain Eco-Healthy Childcare Certification standards.


Education and Experience:

A college degree in child development or early education and at least one year of experience teaching in a part-day or full-day program for infants and toddlers; or

A college degree in an appropriate human service or education field (e.g. psychology, special education, music, social work) including some courses in child development, and at least two years teaching in a part-day or full-day program for infants and toddlers; or

An associate degree in child development or early childhood education and at least two years of experience teaching in a part-day or full-day program for infants and toddlers; or 

A child development associate credential and at least three years of experience teaching in a part-day or full-day program for infants and toddlers.

Required Skills and Abilities:

Must have excellent oral and written communication skills.

Be knowledgeable of developmental milestones in young children.

Must be physically able to perform the job of a teacher of young children (i.e. able to lift up to 50 lbs., sit on floor with children, kneel on floor). 

Have the ability to work independently and cooperatively with other staff members. 

Knowledge emergent curriculum and the new Vermont Early Learning Standards (VELS).

Must be able to exhibit professionalism at all times with peers, parents, and supervisors.

First Aid and CPR certification.

Nice To Haves

The successful candidate will be creative and have a natural affinity for working with infants, as well as possess a high degree of knowledge about child development and be an effective communicator with parents and family members. The successful candidate will LOVE the outdoors and be a team player, have a commitment to environmentally healthy practices and wellness initiatives, and be committed to professional growth and learning! We are a dynamic and fun team that values collaboration, critical thinking and work/life balance that you will want to be a part of!


General Pay and Contract Provisions: 

40 hour work week

Paid Vacation, sick time, public holidays, professional coursework.

Competitive compensation commensurate with education and experience. 

Generous benefits package including health insurance.

Fun, dynamic team with long term growth potential!


Salary : $30,000 to $40,000/Yr
Minimum Education : Associate
Job Type : Full Time
Category : Education/Training
Minimum Experience : 2 Yrs
Location : Hinesburg, VT

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