Early Childhood - Executive Director

Reference ID: 3230
Location: MADISON, WI
Category: Education/Training
Job Type: Full Time



Application Instructions: 

To apply, please send your resume or CV by August 18, 2019. Accepting applications on-going. In your cover letter, please include a description of your educational philosophy and a description of your leadership style.

UADC is seeking a highly qualified Executive Director to work in collaboration with the Board of Directors, program leadership team, and staff to provide leadership and direction for the center across all program staff, students, and parents. The executive director will work closely with the program leadership team to oversee the center’s strategic development, budgeting, planning, organization, and management. The executive director will be involved in the overall philosophy, policy, educational, and programmatic direction for the center, serve as a primary contact children’s education, enrollment, care, and services, and lead daily operations ensuring adherence to state and local licensing requirements.



·       The Executive Director reports to and works under the supervision of the Executive Board of Directors.

·       The Executive Director, as part of the program leadership team, will oversee all aspects of Center administration and operation, including fiscal responsibilities, enrollment, personnel, and program management.

·       The Executive Director will ensure program compliance with the Center policies and procedures adopted or mandated by the Executive Board, the state of Wisconsin and DPI CACFP. The Executive Director will also ensure compliance to requirements and standards set forth by other selected accreditation and certification organizations, such as NAEYC and Young Star.

·       The Executive Director will have strong verbal and written skills in communication with the teaching teams and other Center staff, Executive Board of Directors, parents, and the community.

·       The Executive Director will demonstrate good judgment and leadership across complex task and high stress situations.

·       The Executive Director will be able to administer medications, CPR and first aid, and handle emergency situations such as communicable disease prevention and notification, emergency drills and evacuations, and center closings.

·       The Executive Director will have an understanding of family issues and cultural diversity and make every effort to provide for and insure the inclusion of all children and families in center communication, education, and activities in a language they can understand. 

·       The Executive Director will provide a vision for change, improvement, and expansion, and represent the Center in the community.

·       The Executive Director will serve as the public face of UADC, and will model values and ethics consistent with the mission of the center.



A.    Enrollment and Marketing

1.     Work with the Executive Board to develop and implement a marketing plan to promote enrollment and community interest in UADC.

2.     Respond to inquiries in a timely manner.

3.     Meet with prospective parents to explain program goals, outline enrollment procedures, and conduct tours of the center.

4.     Maintain clear and open communications with the Executive Board regarding center operations.

5.     Maintain regular communication with peers at other schools and childcare centers, local school districts and community support agencies.

B.    Administration

1.     Effectively work with the program leadership team to manage the Center and office.

2.     Prioritize tasks while remaining flexible and open to staff, children, parents, and prospective parents.

3.     Maintain confidential, accurate, and up-to-date files for children and Center staff.

4.     Assure adequate levels of classroom staffing to maintain state mandated staff-to-child ratios.

5.     Maintain a safe and sanitary physical space.

6.     Maintain licensing, accreditation, certification, and CACFP records and requirements.

7.     Complete city, county, state, and federal government paperwork in a timely fashion.

8.     Assume responsibility for any other tasks necessary to run the center effectively.

C.    Fiscal

1.     Manage operating costs for UADC and ensure sound fiscal management. This includes developing annual budget and maintaining monthly spend plan within budget.

2.     Ensure timely fee collection, and adherence to budget. This includes collaborating with other administrative staff to compassionately handle payment issues and manage the center’s scholarship fund.

3.     Provide oversight of fundraisers and other funding sources, such as grants, as appropriate.

4.     Oversee all fiscal reporting and record-keeping systems.

5.     Work collaboratively with the Executive Board and the Board Treasurer to plan and manage an annual budget, determine tuition rates and fees, staff raises, benefits and insurance, facilitate payment of bills, and account reconciliation.

6.     Maintain accounts receivable according to Board by-laws, including billing, delinquent accounts, grant funds, fundraisers, donations, and petty cash.

7.     Prepare county, employer tuition, and DWD assistance vouchers.

8.     Provide support and oversight to purchase, order, and maintain office, center, classroom and kitchen supplies and equipment.

9.     Approve and coordinate office, center, and staff purchasing and reimbursement.

10.  Calculate and submit employee payroll data to the payroll company.

11.  Maintain accurate employee payroll, benefit, and flex-plan records.

12.  Maintain the Center’s relationship with First Congregational Church, including management of facility needs and negotiation of lease terms as required.

D.    Personnel

1.     For all personnel related activities, work with the program leadership team to manage all aspects of personnel management.

2.     Hire permanent and temporary/LTE staff with the consultation, advice, and input from team teachers.

3.     Recruit and oversee orientation, supervision, and evaluation of volunteers.

4.     Train, orient, supervise, and evaluate all permanent and LTE teaching staff.

5.     Foster the professional growth of all permanent, LTE, and TA staff members.

6.     Approve a weekly schedule of work hours for permanent, LTE, and TA staff.

7.     Hire, train, orient, and supervise food program, management, and cook.

8.     Ensure compliance with Center personnel policies, Wisconsin licensing regulations and NAEYC accreditation standards.

a.     Involve staff in decision making and policy development.

b.     Provide in-service, continuing education, and opportunities to participate in the larger child care community.

c.     Create a work environment which fosters positive interaction.

d.     Assist staff in classroom time management and supervisory skills.

e.     Maintain objectivity in interactions with staff.

9.     Approve daily schedules and leave time.

10.  Plan agenda and facilitate regular staff meetings.

11.  Attend teaching team meetings when necessary or requested.

12.  Maintain and update staff benefits and insurance information.

13.  Maintain confidential employee records, documentation, evaluations, and files.

E.     Curriculum and Program

1.     Ensure consistent, positive child management practices throughout the center.

2.     Regularly observe in classrooms, consult with teachers, and provide resources for them to accomplish classroom goals.

3.     Provide guidance and support of curriculum and lesson plans for each teaching team.

4.     Assure appropriate room placement for each child.

5.     Ensure program sensitivity to individual and cultural differences of children and families.

6.     Provide ample planning, conferences, and supervisory time for classroom teachers.

7.     Advise staff in developing individualized educational programming and provide for special needs when necessary.

8.     Seek community resources that enhance and support the child care program.

F.     Board Liaison

1.     Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors. Prepare and present a monthly report on Center programs, issues, and status.

2.     Review monthly balance sheets and make necessary adjustments to scheduling and expenditures with consideration to board recommendations.

3.     Assist board in marketing, publicity, and public relations initiatives.

4.     Bring to the attention of the Board of Directors all issues regarding action or information affecting the operation of the center.

a.     Propose new policies and procedures.

b.     Interpret standards of education and care.

5.     Keep board informed of political and regulatory developments in the larger child care community. Clarify its function to the Board; provide training as needed.

6.     Develop parent and staff membership for the Board and its committees.

7.     Assist the board in planning and facilitating the annual membership meeting.

G.    Parent Liaison

1.     Interpret policies and program to parents through various means of communication.

2.     Consistently enforce all policies and program requirements.

3.     Respect, make accommodations, and provide for individual and cultural differences among families.

4.     Plan parent-teacher conferences, social events, and parent education programs.

5.     Arrange for classroom observation time for parents and for child transition prior to enrollment.

6.     Facilitate parent/teacher interaction as necessary.

7.     Maintain presence and regular communication with parents and meaningfully address any concerns as they arise

H.    Community Liaison

1.     Required to attend Madison area child care center director caucus meetings as a representative of UADC.

2.     Interpret and communicate Center goals and program to the community at large.

3.     Seek and use community resources and grants to benefit center programs.

4.     Host community visitors to the center and explain the program to them.

5.     Screen and approve research projects and program opportunities presented by community educational institutions.

6.     Advocate for expansion and up-grading of childcare in the community.


·       A Bachelors degree in Early Childhood, Elementary Education or related field.

·       Background and/or experience in child care office management, and/or three years experience in administration, supervision, or equivalent.

·       Ability to manage a fiscal operation, with knowledge of bookkeeping procedures.

·       Excellent written and oral communication and problem-solving skills.

·       Ability to interact positively and constructively with staff, parents, students, the public, and community agencies.

·       Ability to plan, organize, show initiative, take responsibility, prioritize tasks, escalate challenges, and work effectively under pressure.

·       Knowledge of safety, health, sanitation, education, and nutrition appropriate to group child care.

·       Complete a Criminal Background Disclosure with no criminal violations or offenses substantially related to the care of children.

·       Medical examination and Tb test by licensed physician indicating no illness that might be detrimental to the welfare of children.

·       After hiring date: Center orientation and training including state regulations and NAEYC standards; classroom schedules and routines; child guidance policies and regulations; Child Abuse and Neglect training; Shaken Baby Prevention Training; Emergency drills and evacuation procedures; CPR, First Aid, and AED training.

Salary: $45,000 to $50,000/Yr
Minimum Education: Bachelor's
Job Type: Full Time
Category: Education/Training
Minimum Experience: 3 Yrs
Location: MADISON, WI