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Assistant Infant Teacher

Reference ID : 104942
Location : Lithonia, GA
Category : Education/Training
Job Type : Full Time



Under the supervision of the Lead Infant Associate, this position performs a variety of instructional and routine clerical duties designed to free Lead Associates from routine work related to the program; supervises the activities of infants; and performs related duties as required. This position will assist in providing optimum growth and development for the children.



O Assist Lead Associate in directing classroom activities.

O Assist with maintaining control and order in the classroom

O Always exhibits the values that Excell promotes.



Infant Associate performs the following tasks:

O Assist children with daily routines such as diapering, dressing, eating, and sleeping

O Assist in the observance of the physical well-being of the children.

O Assist the Lead Associate with children and housekeeping duties as directed by the Lead Associate.

O Work closely with the Lead Associate and be prepared to assume the leadership role in the classroom in the absence of the Lead Associate.

O Be creative in finding ways to teach and entertain the children.

O Remain active and alert at all times.

O Refer all inquiries about a child or family to the Lead Associate.

O Assist the Lead Associate in encouraging parent participation and support the parents in all of their activities.

O Hug and embrace the children often.

O Maintain control and observe the conduct of children at all times.

O Keep the room clean and orderly at all times

O Supervise the children at play, ensuring their safety at all times.

O Always check the playground for hazards, such as sticks, rocks, etc., every day.

O Attend to sick children and those in need of first aid.

O Comfort children who are hurt or distressed.

O Assist the Lead Associate in recording and keeping

O Be pleasant at all times, cooperating with other staff and directing children with positive directions.

O Make every effort to further knowledge and education in the field for the education of young children.

O Attend yearly Bright from The Start and Excell training as required.

O Other duties as assigned


The minimum qualifications are:

O High school education

O Two years experience in the childcare field or equivalent education (2 year certificate).

O Excellent verbal and written communication skills

O Knowledge of children's games and craft activities

O Knowledge of simple record keeping and office procedures

Knowledge of standard office equipment


These skills and talents are required to successfully accomplish the tasks above.

O Warm personality and an accepting attitude toward young children and parents.

O A keen desire to work with children.

O Sound literacy and numeracy skills.

O Be able to accept responsibility as well as direction from the Lead Associate

O Ability to communicate effectively with others, demonstrating tact, diplomacy, and sensitivity to their concerns

O Ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with other Associates

O Ability to work with numerous interruptions and distractions

O Alert, observant, active, and able to use judgment and initiative.

O Patience

O Ability to lift children and equipment







About Us

Our Mission

To Educate & Train Young Children Academically, Spiritually, Mentally & Socially

We believe in aggressively preparing our children for each level of development. We use developmentally appropriate practices while building self-esteem, self-help skills, and confidence in a nurturing and loving environment.

We believe that the classroom is a mini-society and that teaching should help children establish the skills and talents necessary to reach his/her fullest potential; while feeling loved and secure. Excell Preparatory Center provides various avenues for each child's future success in the larger, high-tech, international society. Our teaching reflects a high regard for each child's uniqueness, with respect and understanding of societal and cultural diversity. We provide a sensitive, caring, professionally trained staff, dedicated to working in partnership with parents and families.

-Our Faculty & Staff

Salary : $13 to $14/Hr
Minimum Education : High School or Equivalent
Job Type : Full Time
Category : Education/Training
Minimum Experience : None
Location : Lithonia, GA

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